Cistus crispus L.


Key Facts

Flower colour : pink with metallic sheen in central zone
Flower diameter : 4cm
Height & Spread : 10cm x 60cm
Habit : prostrate
Notes : leaves wavy-edged; sepals longer than petals; flowers with very short pedicels. Sticky, distinctively aromatic foliage – sickly sweet, rather cloying. Not fully hardy.
Variants : I have a very attractive clone with pale pink flowers (RHS Colour Chart ref. 65A/67C) from France (see below) and an upright form from Sicily.

crispus pale

Cistus crispus (pale)

(N.B. The very popular cultivar ‘Sunset’ is often mistakenly sold as Cistus crispus ‘Sunset’. It is in fact a hybrid and belongs in Cistus x pulverulentus.)