Cistus grancanariae Marrero-Rodr., Almeida & C. Ríos


Photographed in Gran Canaria

Key Facts

Flower colour : white
Flower diameter : 1.8 – 2.8cm. Many-flowered inflorescences.
Height & Spread : 1.25m x 1m
Habit : rounded
Notes : Newly-discovered species endemic to Gran Canaria, restricted to a handful of sites. Superficially similar to the Canary Island form of C. monspeliensis. One population I have seen had a mixture of plants, some of which had distinctly grey-green leaves, while others were quite green. At another site it was showing a character unique among cistus in that it was re-sprouting after a wild fire (see bottom photograph).


In the wild, showing variation in foliage colour


Regeneration after fire both from seeds and by re-sprouting