Cistus salviifolius L.

Gold Star

Cistus salviifolius L. ‘Gold Star’

Key Facts

Flower colour : white (rarely yellow)
Flower diameter : 4.5 – 5cm
Height & Spread : very variable
Habit : very variable – prostrate to upright
Notes : an extremely variable species. Petals not crumpled. Buds nodding. Flowers borne singly or in twos or threes. Leaves petiolate, covered with stellate hairs.
Cultivars : ‘Gold Star’ – yellow stain at base of petals elongated into central “star”. Collected by me. The nameĀ  ‘Prostratus’ is applied to prostrate cultivars, which may not all be identical. ‘Avalanche’, introduced by Aberconwy Nurseries, is a vigorous, spreading cultivar, seen at its best when grown on the top of a retaining wall, down which it can cascade. ‘May Snow’ is a recently named floriferous cultivar.