Cistus x purpureus Lam.

Key facts

Parentage : C. ladanifer x C. creticus
Flower colour : pink-purple with blotches
Flower diameter : 9cm
Height & Spread : 2m x 1.5m+
Habit : upright
Notes : one of the most widely grown kinds, but the cultivars listed below are much less well known. They are all very good.
Cultivars (see below): ‘Alan Fradd’ is an albino sport with white, blotched petals (it frequently produces flowers in which a segment of one petal shows the original pink-purple colour) (I have received 2 separate reports in June 2005 of similar white sports occurring); nothof. holorhodos has unblotched, warm pink flowers (RHS Colour Chart ref. 73A) and greyish foliage; nothof. stictus has pale pink, blotched flowers (RHS Colour Chart ref. 65B) and greyish leaves; (‘Betty Taudevin’) is a name often applied to the commonly grown clone (RHS Colour Chart ref. 67C). It is not distinct.

Cistus x purpureus Lam. (sometimes sold as ‘Betty Taudevin’)

purpureus stictus

Cistus x purpureus nothof. stictus↑

Alan Fradd

Cistus x purpureus ‘Alan Fradd’

purpureus holorhodos

Cistus x purpureus nothof. holorhodos ↑