Halimium lasianthum (Lam.) Spach


Halimium lasianthum (Lam.) Spach ‘Sandling’

Key Facts

Flower colour : yellow, sometimes with a dark blotch at the base of each petal. These blotches vary in size and colour from plant to plant. There are several un-named clones in the collection.
Flower diameter : 4cm
Height & Spread : 40cm x 2m+
Habit : loose, spreading
Notes : hardy, floriferous, reliable. Attractive silvery foliage. Some of the best cultivars for the garden.
Subspecies : subsp. alyssoides has greener, often narrower leaves. Its flowers are unblotched.
Cultivars : ‘Concolor’ has unblotched petals; ‘Formosum’ (below) has a large purple-brown blotch (RHS Colour Chart ref. 187A) at the base of each petal; ‘Sandling’ (above) has similar crimson blotches (RHS Colour Chart ref. 185A); ‘Hannay Silver’ (lower) is much larger and more vigorous, with silky-haired, silvery leaves and unblotched petals; subsp. alyssoides ‘Farall’ (bottom) has flowers of a rich egg-yolk yellow.


Halimium lasianthum ‘Formosum’

Hannay Silver

Halimium lasianthum ‘Hannay Silver’


Halimium lasianthum subsp. alyssoides↑


Halimium lasianthum subsp. alyssoides ‘Farall’