x Halimiocistus

x Halimiocistus is a genus of bi-generic hybrids (i.e. each has parents from two different genera; in this case one Cistus parent and one Halimium parent).

The “x” preceding the name indicates this hybridity.

There are 4 hybrids within x Halimiocistus


x H. ‘Ingwersenii’, x H. revolii (Coste) Dans., x H. sahucii (Coste & SouliĆ©) Janch., x H. wintonensis hort. ex O.E. Warb. & E.F. Warb. (has a blotch at the base of each petal)


x H. wintonensis ‘Merrist Wood Cream’ is a sport with cream petals.

(A plant of x H. revolii was found with pale yellow petals. This colour form is not in cultivation.)

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x Halimiocistus ‘Ingwersenii’

x Halimiocistus revolii (Coste) Dans.

x Halimiocistus sahucii (Coste & SouliƩ) Janch.

x Halimiocistus sahucii ‘Ice Dancer’ (variegated)

x Halimiocistus wintonensis hort. ex O.E. Warb. & E.F. Warb.

x Halimiocistus wintonensis ‘Merrist Wood Cream’