Cistus creticus L.


Cistus creticus L. subsp. creticus ‘Lasithi’

Key Facts

Flower colour: pink
Flower diameter: 4.5 – 5cm
Height & Spread: variable to 75cm
Habit: upright or rounded
Notes: a very variable species widespread throughout the eastern Mediterranean area. Many subspecific taxa have been proposed.
Subspecies: subsp. creticus has wavy-edged leaves with sticky hairs, exuding ladanum. Some authorities recognize other subspecies (corsicus) and forms.
Cultivars: ‘Lasithi’ (see above) is compact, rounded. Albino forms (f. albus) are known, including ‘Tania Compton’.

Tania Compton

C. creticus f. albus ‘Tania Compton’