Cistus monspeliensis L.


Cistus monspeliensis L.

Key Facts

Flower colour: white (rarely yellow)
Flower diameter: 3 – 3.5cm
Height & Spread: 1.25m x 1m
Habit: upright, then sprawling
Notes: inflorescence is scorpioid (see top right of photo)
Variants: densifolius group (see below) has very hairy leaves closely packed on each stem. This species also occurs on the Canary Islands. These populations show some distinct characters and may constitute a subspecific taxon.
Cultivars: ‘Minor’ is smaller in all parts; ‘Vicar’s Mead’, collected by Harold Read in Majorca, has pale yellow flowers

monspeliensis densifolius

Cistus monspeliensis (densifolius group)


Cistus monspeliensis ‘Vicar’s Mead’