Halimium halimifolium (L.) Willk.


Halimium halimifolium (L.) Willk.

Key Facts

Flower colour: yellow, sometimes with a red blotch at the base of each petal (f. maculatum)
Flower diameter: 3cm – 3.5cm
Height & Spread: 1m x 50cm
Habit: upright
Notes: has stamens of unequal lengths; grey foliage
Subspecies: subsp. lasiocalycinum var. rhiphaeum is prostrate and has greener leaves and flowers of a more intense yellow.
Variants: var. rubripilosum has red bristly hairs on the sepals

halimifolium maculatum

Halimium halimifolium f. maculatum

halimifolius lasio rhiph

Halimium halimifolium subsp. lasiocalycinum var. rhiphaeum