Cistus x argenteus Dans.

Key facts

Parentage : C. laurifolius x C. x canescens (triple hybrid)
Flower colour : pink or white
Flower diameter : 5 – 6cm
Height & Spread : variable
Habit : upright or rounded
Cultivars : ‘Peggy Sammons’ is upright, vigorous, with purple-pink petals (RHS Colour Chart ref. 80C); ‘Blushing Peggy Sammons’ is a sport with deep magenta petals (RHS Colour Chart ref. 74B/71D); ‘Paper Moon’ is a pure white sport; ‘Stripey’ is another sport from ‘Peggy Sammons’ with petals variably striped pink and white (RHS Colour Chart ref. 80D/80C/75C/155C); ‘Silver Pink’ has cupped flowers of a lovely apricot-pink (RHS Colour Chart ref. 55B); very floriferous, but can exhaust itself with flowering; ‘Silver Ghost’ is a white or palest pink sport from ‘Silver Pink’.

Peggy Sammons

‘Peggy Sammons’

Silver Pink

‘Silver Pink’

Blushing PS

‘Blushing Peggy Sammons’

Silver Ghost

‘Silver Ghost’




Variegation: ‘Golden Treasure’ is a variegated sport of ‘Peggy Sammons’; see page on variegation.