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This is where I’ll announce the most recent additions to my web site. If you’ve visited  before and want to know what’s changed, take a look here first. (The bibliography is updated regularly.)

Latest :

July 2016

Website relaunched and moved to new server.

This was necessary because the site was written in a very old obsolete program that is no longer supported by the former hosting company. Huge thanks are due to Richard Thompson of RT Website Design, who has undertaken the daunting task of re-writing the underlying code so as to salvage the existing site and give it a new lease of life.

This website was published to the web for the first time in May 2002. It has been modified/expanded in the light of comments received. Please visit the Contact Me page if you would like to send compliments or constructive criticisms.

April 2002

New Accessions

  • C. parviflorus with dark flowers
  • C. x skanbergii f. albiflorus

August 2002

Cistus ‘Enigma’ named by me and new page on ‘Enigma’ added

September 2002

My latest article published: Page, R.G. (2002) Cistus ‘Enigma’. The Plantsman (new series) 1(3): 160-5  9/2002

November 2002

Many more photographs added

Cistus x pagei & C. ladanifer ‘Bashful’ added

New variegated Cistus × hybridus Gold Prize ‘Wyecis’ announced : click here for a new link to find out more.

Page on variegation added

December 2002

Website relaunched and moved to new server at

February 2003

Information on ladanum updated. (There is no connection with laudanum!)

May 2003

New Accession

Cistus × hybridus Gold Prize ‘Wyecis’

The other National Collection of Cistus at Chelsea Physic Garden has been withdrawn, but most of the living collection has been saved and used to supplement another private collection in very capable hands. (March 2005: This collection has now been granted National Collection status by NCCPG.)

June 2003

New email address

July 2003

I regret that piracy of photographs by Internet auction sellers forces me to introduce a strict Copyright Policy

February 2004

Many RHS Colour Chart references added.

May 2004

Collection withdrawn from NCCPG.

April 2005

Photo Gallery added

New Cultivar: Cistus ‘Christopher Gable’ added

May 2005

New Species: Halimium voldii added

June 2005

Latest article published: Demoly, J.-P. (translated Page, R.G.) (2005) The identity of Cistus ‘Grayswood Pink’ and related plants. The Plantsman (new series) 4(2): 76-80  6/2005

October 2006

New important article published :

Demoly, J.-P. – Notes taxonomiques, chorologiques et nouveautés nomenclaturales pour le genre Cistus L. élargi, incluant Halimium (Dunal) Spach (Cistaceae) in Acta Bot. Gallica 153(3): 309-323  2006

This article proposes the inclusion within Cistus L. of Halimium (Dunal) Spach and therefore also of x Halimiocistus with major consequences for nomenclature.

July 2008

Website offline as hosting company disappears from the web, taking the website with it.

September 2008

Website re-launched on new server (thanks to Zen Web Hosting for their help) after former hosting company fails.

July 2010

Results of important scientific trial of horticultural cultivars published :

Bell, N.C. & Altland, J. – Variety Trials: Growth, Flowering, and Cold Hardiness of Rockrose in Western Oregon in HortTechnology 20(3): 652-9  2010


Full PDF here

(Abstract here)

N.B. This trial was carried out in climatic conditions similar to the native habitat of Cistaceae. Its results should not be seen as valid for the UK or other non-Mediterranean-type climates.

Many of the cultivars trialled were supplied by me, so I can vouch for their authenticity  and the nomenclature used. This does not apply to cultivars sourced from US nurseries.

For a trial under UK conditions see:

Mundie, A. – Cistus Trial 1997-2000 in Northern Gardener 55(2): 50-51  April 2001

January 2012

Page on Cistus grancanariae Marrero-Rodr., Almeida & C. Ríos added

This newly-recognised species was first described in 2008:

Marrero, A., Almeida, R. & Ríos, C. – Cistus grancanariae sp. nov. (Cistaceae) una nueva especie para Gran Canaria (Islas Canarias) in Bot. Macaronésica 27: 73-88  2008 (PDF here)

June 2014

I have been informed that the NCCPG guide to Cistus may no longer be available. NCCPG have no more copies and it appears that most of the unsold copies may have been discarded or destroyed at Chelsea Physic Garden.